Sunday, March 20, 2011

It's t-shirt time...

One never knows what gift might be the favorite.

When I visited our Jesuit friends in the Jamshedpur Province in India, along with Johnny Gill and the Klarichs, we brought a bunch of supplies with us, including some 300 t-shirts we had printed by Greg McDermott for our young friends at the St. Paul Miki School. I had badgered Fr. John Deeney, SJ before our trip for St. Paul Miki's school colors. Fr. wrote to me that this was a small rural school and they had no school colors. Johnny joked that we should have asked what their mascot was. So, of course, we made them St. Joe's crimson. When we arrived we found that their school uniforms were blue -- which would be their school colors!

I'm happy to report that half of the second batch was received -- in St. Paul Miki blue ;-)

If interested check out the Jamshedpur Jesuit website, in particular the pictures of Fr. James Shea, SJ, the Maryland Province Provincial, who visited the same tribal areas as we did.

It's t-shirt time in Pandabir, India...

Dear Tom,

Peace of Christ, loving greetings from Pandabir!

With grateful heart I acknowledge that two of your parcels had arrived in Loyola Niwas about a month back but unfortunately I could not bring them this side those days. I brought them here last week and distributed to our K.G. and 1st grade children. Thanks a billion for the nice t-shirts for our lovely children, some nice spiritual books, beautiful jacket of St. Joseph's Prep for me, delicious Irish whiskey, rosaries, basketballs, and a t-shirt for Fr. Sushil Jojo, S.J.

Forgive me for my so much delay as I have to blame every time for our bad energy system and dodgy internet. The school kids are very happy. I have taken a picture of myself with the K.G. kids. I will definitely send you in my next mail. We had organised the annual sports day for our school children, it was a grand success and this year there was coverage from the media (newspaper). I am having a very tough time these days as admission for all the classes are coming in great number especially K.G. I do know how will I be able to squeese so many. I have gone up to 82 seats for K.G.(new batch). We usually don't go more than 60. People of this area have realised and learned about us and also the school. As the years go there will be more pressure for admissions leading us to make two sections of K.G. At present it is not possible.

It looks like I may have a transfer in May........ more later only when it is out as I do not know the details. Once again my sincere thanks to you, your Ignatian prayer group and our friend Johnny Gill for his generosity.

Greg S.J.

Gregory S. D'Silva S.J.
St. Paul Miki Centre, Pandabir
C/O St. Xavier's High School
P.O. Box - 10

Greg D'SIlva, SJ, Gulshan Kujur, SJ and catechists at St. Paul Miki.

Dear Tom,

Peace of Christ!

Thanks a lot for your email. I am happy to forward to you the picture of our school kids with the teachers, catechists and Fr. Gulshan and myself.

I am fine and I do believe you and your prayer group are in good health too. Very soon we begin the lenten retreats in the villages for our Catholics. Every year during Advent and Lent we arrange retreats in the villages itself. Coming days will be very hectic (even now) with new admissions, results, supply of books for kids etc. One picture is of our parishoners (two of them on my side) whom I will be sending for jobs to Mangalore on 30th March.

Thats all for the time being.

Once again thanks to you and all our friends who visited us.

Greg S.J.

Fr. Greg, the fine teachers, and the beautiful kindergarten and 1st grade students of the St. Paul Miki School. The school is operated by the Jesuits and serves the growing educational needs of the Ho Tribal Catholics in Border and Pandabir.


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