Saturday, May 29, 2010

Iggy Goes to College

A bit silly but poignant in the fact that the students at my alma mater would take the time to make such a movie. I never knew that Martelli cut St. Ignatius from the St. Joe's basketball team. Not even as a walk-on Phil? Cameos by Dan Joyce, SJ and Phil Florio, SJ.

A short movie that was made in 2007, for a Freshman retreat at Saint Joseph's University (in Philadelphia, PA). Comedic and poignant, with a long-winded lecture by the one and only Fr. Dan Joyce, SJ.

Iggy Goes to College
Here is "Iggy Goes to College"--a video created by Brit Keesling '10 and Sal Profaci '10 for the freshman Escape retreat. It tells the tale of St. Ignatius and St. Francis Xavier, two college roommates who together founded the Society of Jesus, which eventually founded ST. JOSEPH'S UNIVERSITY!! Featuring the acting talents of Phil Martelli, Fr. Phil, Fr. Joyce, Dave Moffa, and much much more!!

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