Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Abortion nun?

"The Cardinal and the other bishops have no power to exert disciplinary action . . . over this sister or her order," Dolan said via email. "Sisters and nuns are not priests so the authority of the Cardinal and the bishops does not apply to their discipline. That is up to their religious order."

But, according to Dolan, George has said "it is always gravely sinful to cooperate freely with the killing of an unborn child. Escorting people into an abortion clinic is an example of such cooperation in evil."

Chicago Catholic News: Religious order rebukes Chicago-area nun who volunteers at abortion clinic

With pressure mounting from inside and outside the Church hierarchy, an order of nuns has rebuked a Chicago-area member for volunteering at an abortion clinic, telling her that such actions are "in violation of her profession."

"Several months ago, the leadership of the Sinsinawa Dominicans was informed that Sister Donna Quinn, OP, acted as a volunteer escort at a Chicago area clinic that among other procedures, performs abortions," according to a statement released Tuesday by the Wisconsin-based religious community.

"After investigating the allegation, Congregation leaders have informed Sr. Donna that her actions are in violation of her profession as a Dominican religious. They regret that her actions have created controversy and resulted in public scandal."

Quinn could not immediately be reached by ChicagoCatholicNews for comment. But she indicated to the Chicago Tribune that she would stop volunteering as a clinic escort.

"I want to be clear that this is my decision," she said. "Respect for women's moral agency is of critical importance to me, and I look forward to continuing to dialogue with our congregation on these matters as a way of informing my actions as well as educating the community."

44 Note: What took so long? "Educating the community" how? That it is OK to kill babies you don't want? Click title for the full report.


  1. She needs to be educated on the concept of ex-communication.

  2. misquided logic on this nun's part, but the interesting thing is she has probably done more "holy" things in her life by a WIDE margin than those here who criticize her. Returning to the Kingdom of God is a complex process, and is not as simple as saying you are pro-life or voting for a pro-life candidate. its about what's in your heart.

  3. "misquided logic on this nun's part, but the interesting thing is she has probably done more "holy" things in her life by a WIDE margin than those here who criticize her." - the logic of moral equivalence. How sad.

  4. dear anonymous #3 - i know many pricks that have no shot at heaven, but i bet they think they're in; simply due to following a conservative political code. we wont know for another 50 yrs, but i bet this woman has an infinitely better chance of living with God then these pretend moralists i referenced above. Good luck on judgement day brother, you may need it.