Saturday, February 6, 2010

Accu Weather says it's going to....


Buried again... so far in the Philadelphia Metropolitan Area we're looking at 20 inches, and it hasn't stopped yet. Another 8 inches could be coming on Tuesday ;-(, according to Philadelphia News -

I'm off today but we still have six show at the Walnut Street Theatre today. 35 people, out of a sold out show of 1,100, showed up. We NEVER close... although the USPS called it a day today.

The R2 from Wilmington was cancelled today -- stranding my buddy who finally got a ride in to Center City. Hopefully the PATCO is running tomorrow or I'll be walking across the Ben Franklin Bridge.

At least Snickers is having some fun.

Downtown Philly is empty....
and they're digging out in Northeast Philly.

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