Saturday, February 27, 2010

St. Francis of Assisi - Springfield, PA

Special thanks to Beth McCarthy and the St. Francis & St. Kevin's Teen Group for inviting 6th Man and I to speak about the life of his uncle John J. Deeney, SJ and our trip to Jamshedpur, India. Pictured above is 6 re-enacting the Ho Tribal dance he learned after Mass at St. Paul Miki in Border. It wasn't pretty ;-)

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  1. Hey- Thanks again - I can't thank you enough for coming and sharing "the amazing story"!!! I'll keep you posted on our fundraising efforts. Keep me posted, too, okay?

    Could you also forward this to your humble and mild friend - God does crack me up at the people he puts together - Tom and Johnny Gill - talk about polar opposites but you do have one thing in common- you're both great!!!!

    God bless you,
    P.S. Thanks for the DVD - I will treasure it and Anita will too!!!