Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Jesuit education for $975!

The following comes from an anonymous acquaintance whose mother proudly saved his scholarship letter to the then St. Joseph's College in Philadelphia. Quite amazing, and sad, how much tuition has increased ;-(

Both older and younger Hawk alumni will notice a difference in the stripes (representing the sons of the House of Loyola). For those wondering why Fr. Maloney was "Very Rev"... it is a an honor no longer bestowed since the Catholic universities distanced themselves from the religious orders that founded them. Prior to the The Land O'Lakes Statement the presidents of Jesuit schools were also the rectors of the adjoining Jesuit community, thus the Very Reverend title.

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  1. Wow – and to think that 43 years later you need to donate more than that to get a free soda or beer and a halftime box score at a basketball game……..