Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Future of the Catholic Mission to the City of Philadelphia

Catholic Intellectual Series

The Catholic character of Saint Joseph's University springs from its historical relationship with the Roman Catholic Church, and from its current embodiment of the great traditions of Catholic life and culture.

The Catholic Intellectual Series promotes the long and dynamic history of Catholic intellectual thought and highlights the latest and best within our tradition.

Through this series Saint Joseph’s University desires to highlight the thoughts and writings of prominent catholic thinkers in our country and throughout the world.

The Saint Joseph's University Office for Mission and Identity presents

The Catholic Intellectual Series 2009-2010

Do everything possible so that liberty is victorious over oppression, justice over injustice, love over hate - Ignacio Ellacuria, S.J.

Faith, Hope and Charity: The Future of the Catholic Mission to the City of Philadelphia

March 16th 2010 at 7:30 PM
Mandeville Hall, Wolfington Teletorium


Keynote Address by

John J. DiIulio, Ph.D.

The Frederic Fox Leadership Professor of Politics, Religion, and Civil Society
and Professor of Political Science, The University of Pennsylvania.

with responses by

Sr. Mary Scullion, RSM, SJC '76, Executive Director of
Project H.O.M.E.


Rev. Edward Hallinan, Pastor,
Saint Martin De Porres Catholic Church, North Philadelphia


Spread the word for those who may need this

The Inner Journey of the Soul Day of Reflection


Fr. Dudley Mendonca, S.J. Ph.D. Visiting Professor from The Sadhanna Ctr, Pune India


Fr. James Redington, S.J. Ph.D - Senior Jesuit Fellow and Professor of Inter-religious Dialogue SJU

March 21st 2010

9 am – 4 pm

The Saint Raphaela Center, Haverford PA

Daniel R. J. Joyce, S.J.

Assistant to the Vice President for Mission and Identity
Saint Joseph's University
5600 City Avenue
Philadelphia PA, 19131


Senior Resident Fellow
The Program for Research on Religion and Urban Civil Society
University of Pennsylvania

Phone: 610-660-3291

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