Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Pontius Pilate Roman Catholic Church?

I was talking to a woman today who told me she was from Havertown, PA. Figuring she was one of us, I asked, in Philly-speak, to which parish she belonged -- Sacred Heart or St. Denis?

She replied that she was on the border between the two, but went to Sacred Heart, although she knew some families who went to Pontius Pilate in Media.

Pontius Pilate??? Has the one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church run out of names for our parishes that we must resort to naming one after Pontius Pilate ;-) Could the Parish of Judas Iscariot be next?

I'm pretty sure she meant St. Pius X in Broomall. Yikes!


  1. I ministered in a Philly hospital (Nazareth) in my seminarian days and it wasn't just "us" who identified themselves by Parish. In a coversation I asked an eldery Jewish man where he grew up and he said, "Oh, I grew up in South Philly, Stella Maris"

    Onto "Saint" Pontius Pilate. He is recognized by some of the East as a Saint and has a feast day June 25) based upon the legendary Acts of Pilate which recount his conversion. Almost universally though in the East his wife, Claudia, is recognized as a Saint (October 27)

  2. 44: got a kick out of your Pontius Pilate post. By the way, St. Pius is in Broomall, not Media. Actually, it is just up the road from St. Lucifer's! Let me know if you hear of 2 tickets for Sat. for maggie and me. Thx, Vince

    Thanks Vince... changed it. 6th Man lives in Media but goes to SPX... I get confused ;-)