Saturday, March 13, 2010

A-10 Tourney

Kutch and I took in some Atlantic 10 Tournament action in Atlantic City yesterday. I got to enjoy some good hoops, in particular the Xavier - Dayton game, as I could simply enjoy the game without caring about the outcome.

The above sign is a misnomer as LaSalle didn't make the tournament, and St. Joseph's didn't make it to AC. I saw only two Hawks all day, Joe Cabrey, of course, and Jake Dunphy, who was there to root on his cousin Frannie and the Temple Owls. With no Hawk faithful it made me feel as if I was crashing someone else's family reunion ;-(

Jake, Kutch and I did get our picture taken with Big 5 Hall of Famer and St. Joseph's Prep coach Speedy Morris though.

Caveat emptor: Since it was a Friday during Lent a plain pizza was on the menu...

but alas, not all things are as they might appear.

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  1. 44 - saw your blog entry about the A10 tourney. I saw you in passing in the concourse but didn't have an opportunity to say hi (plus I'm sure you don't know who I am). Some really good games - I was there on Friday night and Saturday afternoon. Too bad the Hawks weren't there playing but that is a short term problem. I'm confident that with the current freshman, next year's recruiting class and the fellas we are recruiting as HS Jrs. we'll be in the thick of things at the top in a year or two.

    Enjoyed the picture of the pizza. I didn't have any but I saw the boxes and couldn't believe that they would be selling personal pies that large for $7 when the 16 oz. beers were costing me $8.


    Bill Benedict '91 (wfb916)