Friday, February 25, 2011

Let's go Paul VI ;-)

Best of luck to my buddy Lammers and the Paul VI Eagles as they head into the playoffs on Sunday.


Here is our varsity team. We are headed to North Jersey on Sunday to play DePaul Catholic in a state tournament 1st round game. DePaul is a tough competitor so we have our work cut out. But, this PVI team has recently found its soul, so we are a very dangerous group.



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  1. TB:
    The kids played like warriors, but we lost a heart breaker 6-5 in overtime. Given the way this team came together in the last weeks of the season, we are very proud of what they accomplished. If we had more time, there is no telling what they could have gotten accomplished. Knowing they found their soul as a team is a reasonable antidote for the disappointment of losing last night for me.

    Thanks for putting them on the blog.