Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Of snow, Jesuits and basketball...

The Godson is sick of the snow ;-)
 As is Snickers.

It was about 9 degrees at the Malvern Retreat House.

But the company and food were good.
We were fortunate to have Fr. Ned Murphy, SJ as our director. Some may know him from his work at POTS (Part of the Solution)...

Some may remember his role in the Camden28, shown here with Dan Berrigan, SJ. Also this about his soup kitchen -- Of Many Things. I enjoyed his talks immensely.

With Teron, Frank, and Fr. Terrence Toland, SJ at the New Deck.

T with the Nardis before the LaSalle - St. Joe's game.
Jesuits = Christian Bros for Dummies. They wish.
Who says Catholic boys can't be bible thumpers? They are with Jim Moore, SJ ;-)
If one can have a Jewish Godfather -- it would be Melvyn Freid.
We may have lost to Temple again, but IHMHawklette knitted a huge scarf for the homeless.
The Palestra: The best place to see a basketball game... better when we win.
Yours truly, on a Saturday morning at the Jesuit Residence at SJU.

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