Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Pennies for a Jesuit school in India...

44's good buddy 6th Man put together a presentation for Catholic Schools Week to raise funds to build a new Jesuit primary school, the St. Paul Miki School, in Pandabir, India. This was a final request from his uncle and my friend Fr. John J. Deeney, SJ. Should we get enough pennies maybe the tribal children will get a new school soon ;-) Click the link for the PowerPoint.

AND.. if you want to send quite a few pennies... click here to mail a check or here to donate online. Please stipulate that your donation is for the St. Paul Miki School in the Jamshedpur Jesuit Province ;-) Any questions please contact John Gill at


  1. Thank you very much John, and Tom for all your noble and innovative efforts to partner with Jamshedpur Jesuit Province, India. God bless.
    Tony Raj, SJ

  2. Thanks Fr. Tony. I hope all is well in Jam and Orissa. Do you know if Fr. Greg received the t-shirts we sent? I mailed to Loyola Niwas three weeks ago. They were to be a surprise for the kids. Jisu Marang ka.