Monday, April 20, 2009

Congrats Alex & Shannon ;-)

Congratulations go out to Alex and Shannon... two of my favorite Hawks!

Some would argue environment vs hereditary.... doesn't matter with these two. They bleed crimson and grey and will be difficult to replace when they graduate this spring from Hawk Hill.

At their favorite venue: Alumni Memorial Fieldhouse, soon to be Hagan Arena.

Palestra bathroom: About to fool nova fans at the Holy War into unfurling a rollout, in blue, that says "THE HAWK WILL NEVER DIE!" Then coordinating with MarylandHawk to unfurl

"SJU INVADES nOVA NATION". In a tie with Barney charming a girl and stealing the Wildcat mascot uniform. Where is that tail, anyway?

Getting their just desserts: This year's winners of the Fr. Emery Ross, SJ Spirit Award.

You will be missed - 44.

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  1. 44:
    Thank you for everything! Best 4 years of my life-- and I'm glad I could share it with such amazing people.

    Hopefully I'll be staying near by, I don't think I can psychologically handle missing a Hawk game.