Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Pater Nosters please...

I just talked to my buddy Jon Prendergast today and he is in need of our prayers. He is to undergo surgery at Reading Hospital on Friday morning. Please say a prayer or two for Jon, his wife Ann, daughters Kristen and Kelly, and for the surgeon -- so that God may guide his hand.

Although he's not feeling well it was difficult to get the consumate salesman to shut up (and I'm not so bad myself), so we talked for over an hour; about soft pretzels, about Notre Dame, about Jesuits hiding IHS, about life, and of course, Hawk basketball. I asked if there was anything I could do for him. He asked me to get us a true point guard for next year as we open up the Hagan Arena.

Please hit the knees people, if you will. Friends are in need of your prayers.




Please keep the following people in your prayers...

John Prendergast, SJC '67, husband of Ann, father of Kristen, SJU '96 and Kelly, friend of 44

Eric V. Kutschera, friend of 44

Trish McCarty, daughter of Barb McCarty - friend of 44 and Novaboy

Intention for a special friend of Thomas Carmody, SJU '81, / Al Hollingsworth, friend of Art Berrodin, SJC '63

Patricia Heesen, mother of Andrew Heesen, SJU '95 / Anthony Conroy, father of David Conroy, SJU '96

Michael, nephew of Sister Joan Noreen, OLME / Kyra Simone Rettew, daughter of David Rettew, SJU '88

Theresa Klarich, wife of Steve Klarich, LaSalle '76 / Stephen Lineman, SJU '80, husband of Julie Lineman

Peggy McKenna, friend of Rich Devine, SJU '81 / Dave Fabry, SJU '04, friend of Kathy Klarich

Thomas Brennan, Scranton, '71, husband of Corinne, Misericordia, '69, father of Sara Brazil, SJU '01 and Tommy Brennan, SJU '05

Bill White, friend of Kathy MacDonald / Jack Mc Kenna, SJC '59. father in law of Mike Mc Nulty, SJU '85

Leo Carlin III, grandson of Leo Carlin, SJC '59 and Robert Groggin, SJC '58

For the soon to be born child of Becky and Mark Annen, friends of Steve Klarich, SJU '99

Robert R. Stroman, SJC '73, friend of John Lindros, SJC '71

Brian Hickey, friend of Michael Regan / Christine Beck, president of the Gesu School

Mary Katherine Olley, daughter of Michael Olley, SJU '85

Loretta Mullin, wife of Jerry Mullin, SJC '59, mother of Carolann Mullin-Leuthy SJC '79 and Loretta Mullin-Kenney, SJU '82,
sister-in-law of Stan Glowacki, SJC '57, grandmother of Corinne Vile, SJU '06.

Mike Caramanico, husband of Nancy (Curtis) Caramanico, SJU '83, '03, nephew of John Deeney, SJ, father of Danny, Julie, SJU '07 and Michael, SJU '13, sister-in-law of Mary Gill, brother-in-law of John Gill, SJC '67, brother-in-law of Thomas Curtis, Drexel '75, brother-in-law of John Curtis, SJU '81, uncle of John Gill, SJU '00, Stephanie Curtis, SJU '08, Anna Maloney, Fordham, '00.

Nicole (Schmid) Davis, SJU '99, sister of Rick Schmid, Scranton '95, Sean Schmid, SJU '98, and Patrick Schmid SJU '01

Edward Strain, brother of Ron Strain, SJC '68 / Peggy McFadden and Steve Cambetti, friends of Jim McLaughlin, SJC, '70

Sheldon Moskovitz, Scranton '49, uncle of Melvyn Freid, Drexel '80

Michael Scanlon, Nova '83, husband of Kathy Gormley Scanlon, SJU '82

John Dougherty, friend of Bernie Cunniffe, SJC '71, Rich Brennan, SJU '81 & Rick Davis, SJU '81

Christine Grosso, SJU '99 and her special friend / Marguerite McGarrity, aunt of Lucinda Brzozowski

Cpl. Matthew Sondermann, USMC / Martha Francese, grandmother of Lisa Griese, GMU '91

Marc Mandeville, URI '95, SJU '04, friend of Rick Davis, SJU '81 / Noah Hawks, friend of Marcella Petrarca, PSU '85

Daniel Harrer, SJC '62, brother of William, SJC '58, friend of Peter Urbaitis, SJC '64

A special intention for Joseph Ruggieri, Nova '76 / Jane Stone, friend of Corinne Brennan

Joseph McCarthy, SJU '79, friend of Brian Murphy, SJC '78 / Ellen Levy, aunt of Stephanie Graff, SJU '04

The Bartolomeo Family Thomas Bonner, Nova '70, friend of Michael Korolishin, SJC '70

Jason Early, friend of David Owsik, SJC '70/ Fr. Michael Hegarty, LaSalle '66, friend of 44 and Novaboy

Thomas Curtis, grandfather of John Gill, SJU '00, Jen Gill Angelucci, SJU '97, Julie
Caramanico, SJU '07, and Stephanie Curtis, SJU '08, father of John Curtis, SJU '81
and Nancy Caramanico, SJU '83, father in law of John Gill, SJC '67.

Dorella Brown, grandmother of Steve Kelly, SJP '98 / Frank Lannon, aunt of Patty Martin

Peter Reid, SJU '97, husband, of Jennifer (Gregoire) Reid, SJU '98

John Calathes, Jr., twin brother of Pat Calathes, SJU '08, son of John Calathes and Dee Calathes McCord

Hazel Lynam, mother of Jimmy Lynam, SJC '64 and mother in law of Don DiJulia, SJC '67

Jean Ramsay, wife of Jack Ramsay, SJC '49 / Kay Carlin, wife of Leo Carlin, SJC '59

Sr. Kathleen Klarich, RSM, sister of Tim Klarich, SJC '75, aunt of Steve, SJU '03,
Mary Kate, SJU '05, Maureen, SJU '07, Tim, SJU '09, and, Brian SJU '11.

Mickey Witcofsky, father of Mary Brady, father in law of Matt Brady.

Requiescat in Pace

Rich Hargrove, SJC '74

"May his soul, and all the souls of the faithfully departed, through the Mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen."


  1. Tom,

    As always thanks for the e-mail. Reading is my home town and I know some members of the Predergast family. I will stop by at my church this evening and say a prayer for Jon.

    Happy birthday to your sister! She is a great person.

    Jeff "Irishawk" Babb

  2. Tom...I will put your friend on the prayer list @ the motherhouse. They really do have a direct line to the Big Man. I will be @ the crypt this week and will pray for him. Jim

  3. My children and I will say an extra prayer for Jon Prendergast tonight.

  4. Tom.
    Trish and I will pray for Jon and his family and surgeon too.
    I can't believe it's been three years already, I'll say a prayer for you and Looch too. As I've said before, Mom must be very proud.
    Love and God Bless,

  5. Will Do Tom. God Bless. Keep us posted.

    John Charles

  6. The concern, support, and prayers are much appreciated!
    Brian Hickey