Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Yo ref....

The following from Hawk alumnus Tim Malloy. A great site, and not just for officials. Too many fans, myself included, do not know all the rules, and this site has it all. A few years back I was down in North Carolina watching a game with a former WCC ref when a fan screamed "late call". Robbie told me that that was one insult he didn't mind too much, as "he's saying you made the right call, albeit a second late." Bone up on your hoops Hawks ;-)


I've been on your mailing list for about a year now and really enjoy reading your posts....great stuff!!...there is always something in at least one of the articles that I send to my 2 college-aged kids as 'food for thought'....

on a side note, I know you're a basketball guy, so I thought I would forward some info about an email I send out to basketball referees...

we call it "60 Seconds on Officiating"...the concept is small but steady doses of officiating content are emailed free twice a week to any interested official....we started 5 months ago with a handful of local referee email addresses, and today we're over 25,000 officials in 45 countries....

the site is www.ref60.com

again, it's free to anyone who wants to learn more about officiating...

take care for now, and please resend your blog email....

Tim Malloy, SJC '78

About - 60 Seconds on Officiating

Dear Friend and Fellow Official:

Welcome to "60 Seconds on Officiating" and thank you for giving us just a minute of your time. We promise it will be a very productive and rewarding 60 seconds! "60 Seconds on Officiating" was created to provide useful game-management information to officials in various sports around the world. The formula is, small "doses" of relevant sport-specific aterial delivered over an extended period of time will produce gradual, but lasting, knowledge and lead to a more rewarding officiating career.

"60 Seconds on Officiating" is a FREE program and comes to you via email several times a week during the season and covers the most challenging topics in rules and mechanics, as well as topical interviews with some of your sport's most influential leaders. In addition you will find special interviews, articles, videos, and podcasts (audio) that are built to fit conveniently into your fast-paced schedule. "60 Seconds on Officiating" is uniquely produced to be a valuable learning tool for both veteran and beginning officials.

Initially launched with a focus on high school and college basketball, "60 Seconds on Officiating" now has its sights set on providing the same informative content to officials working football, baseball, soccer, lacrosse and softball. With the help of a yet-unknown strategic corporate partner, our goal will become a reality very soon. If you are an organizational secretary, assignor, educator, or interpreter, please forward this subscription information to your membership. We will gladly work with you directly to provide our free content to your members. Archived stories and content can be found by visiting http://www.ref60.com, anytime of day or night.

Thanks in advance for your support in our efforts to make you a better official -- one minute at a time! Best Regards from the "60 Seconds on Officiating" Team,

Billy Martin
30 Year Veteran Supervisor of Officials IAABO Camden Board 34

Tim Malloy
35 Year Veteran IAABO Camden Board 34
Former CBOA College Official

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