Thursday, June 4, 2009

Fr. Raj from India, part II

In front of St. Joseph's University Manresa Hall: Mike Thanaraj, SJ, Provincial of the Jamshedpur Province, with Kathy and Tim Klarich -- wondering if/when 44 will EVER shut up. The Dodge Charger was the limo that day.

Fr. Raj, Ed Plocha, director of Advancement for the Maryland Povince Jesuits, with George Bur, SJ, president of The Prep, outside of the Church of the Gesu. Still no pics from Fr. Raj though, although it must be difficult to upload 2,000 of them ;-)

44 and TDow taking a break at St. Joseph's Prep; carefully guarding the bottle of Coke Zero. Hmmm... wonder how exams are going?

The view from the roof of the Prep; the playground for the kids from the Gesu School is on the left.

Fr. Raj stands in China, overlooking all the Jeb schools in India.

Fr. Raj in front of the famous Angel of Resurrection statue at 30th Street Station.
A bronze sculpture in the concourse, commissioned from renowned sculptor Walker Hancock (1901-1998), graces 30th Street Station's interior. Titled "Angel of Resurrection", or sometimes Pennsylvania Railroad War Memorial, it depicts an angel lifting up a fallen soldier, returning him to God. It is in honor the 1,307 Pennsylvania Railroad employees who had died in military service in World War II, out of the 54,035 PRR employees who had served.

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