Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Jamshedpur Jesuits

Fr. Martin and Br. Ignatius at Fr. Deeney's birthday party.

dear tom,
after a long time indeed!! i go through your mails ...but replies were always a tougher work!!!! hope you are in your best health...wish you the same..... greg is fine, but not yet back to his he will be getting a new man in the place of somy...somy is going to rome for ignatian spirituality course.... bene is doing his level best to defeat the age...never say die...of late, he is not in his best active he is making his retreat at xlri... i am almost settled now at trtc....waiting for the auditing to be over.... the rest is fine... christ..
martin, sj
Thought I'd share this e-mail with you. Of course multiple explanations are necessary.

-- Martin , SJ is a buddy of mine from the Jamshedpur Province in India that I visited last summer. You've got to love the internet when you can stay in touch with people 9,000 miles away.

-- I only thought I had a tough name. I call him Fr. Martin but his real name is Peter Martin Thattakath, SJ. He tried to explain to me about how the second 'T' is pronounced differently but it went way over my head. That's OK because I don't think there are too many Indians who can pronounce my name. In fact Fr. Deeney has abbreviated me to be Tom Brz, reminiscent of Bill Mlkvy, the Temple Owl without a vowel.

-- Greg is Fr. Greg D'Silva, SJ, who contracted malaria after we visited. Greg is the pastor at St. Paul Miki in Pandabir, the school we raised money for. Many Indian Catholics have Portuguese surnames as way back when it was the custom upon conversion. Good to hear he's doing better. Still on our prayer list though. Keep those e-mails coming Greg (joke).

-- Bene is Br. Benedict Kuhur, SJ. Martin refers to his age -- which is up there -- but he is a tireless worker for our Lord, rides a motorcycle barefoot, and builds shrines at tribal churches. His recitation of the Animi Christi after Mass at St. Paul Miki in Pandabir, in the Ho language, was one of the most beautiful prayers I ever heard.

-- Good for Somy! I tried to get Fr. Raj, your provincial, to get you, Jerry and Greg to come to Philly but I was obviously not persuasive enough. Speaking of Fr. Raj -- he made the front page of the Maryland Province website!


Michael Thanaraj, SJ, provincial of the Jamshedpur (center) poses with George Bur, SJ (right) and Bruce Maivelett, SJ, during a visit to St. Joseph's Preparatory School, Philadelphia. Fr. Raj, as he is called, visited parishes and schools throughout the province before visiting New York and then going to Rome. It was his first visit to the Maryland Province

-- TRTC is located near St. Xavier's School in Lupungutu and is, in American parlance, a community college for the tribals (Hos, Mundas) in the area. The people are trained in areas such as computers and agriculture, and there are Jesuit lawyers on staff to take care of their legal affairs. XLRI is the Xavier Labor Relations Institute (XLRI School of Business and Human Resources, Jamshedpur) and is one of the top business schools on the subcontinent.


Pronunciation: \in-ˈtiŋ(k)-shən\
Function: noun
Etymology: Late Latin intinction-, intinctio baptism, from Latin intingere to dip in, from in- + tingere to dip, moisten: the administration of the sacrament of Communion by dipping bread in wine and giving both together to the communicant.

Many pre-Vatican II Catholics in America would be familiar with this term, although its practice has faded since. One benefit to intinction, besides a greater respect for the body and blood of Christ, is that it decreases the risk of spreading disease, particularly for the priest who normally drinks last from the chalice. No purificator is necessary and it limits the excessive amount of extraordinary ministers (ya know, just before communion, when it looks like D-Day on Normandy Beach so many people are traipsing upon the altar, some looking like they just got done cutting the lawn, others clutching their pocketbooks because Lord knows that the sacristy wouldn't be safe). This is how communion is given all over India, and so all churches use an intinctorium, which is a small chalice inside a ceborium.

If you want to impress someone at the St. Jude Shops -- ask for the price on an intintorium. "The what?" I think you call it the "chalice communion cup." Now ole 44 didn't get many gifts from above, but he can talk. In fact Mr. Cummings of Southside Scranton, a champ in his own rite, once told me I could "talk a dog off the back of a meat wagon." So the nice lady asks me why I'm buying it, and ten minutes later after hearing all about my trip to Lupungutu, Jamshedpur, Basahatu and Chaibassa (amazingly she was still awake) -- she gave me a $50 discount!

So Fr. Martin... I hope is well with you and my Jeb buddies so far away. If I ever get to the post office you have another intinctorium on the way, along with some other goodies.

Br. Bene (just call me Bene), Fr. Martin, and Fr. Deeney (sporting his St. Joe's AMDG t-shirt) with Kelly Carr and Greg McCarthy from the Loyola Foundation, at St. Paul Miki.

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  1. Great story about the guy who gave the would-be robber $40 and a loaf of bread. Amazing. I guess that robber learned two things: 1.) Never bring a bat to a gun fight and 2.) There are compassionate people out there willing to help those suffering hard times.

    It's also great to hear from our Jesuit friends and to hear that they are doing relatively well. They are doing God's work. It brings me back to this time last year when we were filled with mixed emotions of great excitement and great trepidation in not knowing what to expect. What an amazing trip it turned out to be. Alright, back to work.


  2. today is my luckiest day over many years, I never ever thought I could find Peter Martin again because world had torn us apart into two different corners, Iam glad to see the fire in his eyes is the same which i witnessed ages ago even before he decide to join the Jesuit rank, what a precious gift he made himself out there as a Jesuit..