Friday, June 5, 2009


The Hawk flap its wings about 3,500 times per game.

Being the Hawk
Ryan ready for St. Joe’s hoops to start

COLLEGE HOOPS. Most college seniors are worried about wearing the latest and hottest fashions. For Brienne Ryan, that entails feathers and a giant bird head.
The Saint Joseph’s University senior was recently named the school’s 32nd Hawk mascot. She’s only the second woman to hold the position.

“It was one of my goals,” said Ryan, who has worked as a team manager since her freshman year. “It’s one of the biggest honors at the school, and it requires a full commitment to take care of the responsibilities.”

Ryan was chosen after a long application process. She had to submit a résumé, essay and letter of recommendation before interviews with athletic department personnel, including basketball coach Phil Martelli and athletic director Don DiJulia.

The job comes with an endowed scholarship and immense responsibilities. In addition to appearing as the Hawk, Ryan must perform all the duties of a senior manager. She also has the physical burden of having to constantly flap during every St. Joe’s basketball game. And yes, she’s been practicing.

“Before the application, I started running everyday and lifting, so that I would be ready,” Ryan said. “Now that I have the costume, I practice flapping every day. I want to never stop flapping.”
PS -- Congrats Brienne, I'll drop your sister's 44 pullover off at the FH soon!

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