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Do you want to "be in that number?"


Thanks for distributing this and when you do so, can you also put a note in with my email address for people who have questions and for people who want to volunteer -


Thanks for sharing Pat -- lots of great ideas, although that's not surprising given the level of talent in this leadership committee you've amassed ;-)

For those Hawks out there who have always sat in the stands asking "why don't THEY do this, or why don't THEY do that?" -- now is your chance to step up to the plate. YOU can now be part of the THEY.

Should you have any talents that can help the HHC, or have any questions, please shoot Pat an e-mail.


Minutes of the Hawk Hoop Club
Organizational Meeting

Date: June 4, 2009
Location: President’s Lounge, Saint Joseph’s University
Present: Elise Baker, Chris Bertolino, Kate Bertolino, Alex Bretschneider, Chris Clemente, Shawn Connor, Gordon Conwell, Bobby Gallagher, Dan Gallagher, Matt Gifford, John Kilroy, Maura Kilroy, Steve Krzywicki, Pat McGrory, Owen Patterson, John Pergolin
University: Don DiJulia, Phil Martelli, Katie Shields

Agenda: Welcome by Phil Martelli, Dan Gallagher & Pat McGrory
Review of survey data and framework for meeting
Team breakout sessions – Communication, Events, Student, Membership
Report back and conversation with teams
Wrap up and next steps

Highlights of Phil Martelli’s welcome:
- Great excitement for future opportunities within the Hawk Hoop Club
- Any idea is fair game, and you are encouraged to think outside the box
- An opportunity like this to transform the Hawk Hoop Club only comes once in a “generation.” I encourage you all to take full advantage of this opportunity.
- We have always had great leadership within the Hawk Hoop Club, and now is no different. I am encouraged by all of you who are here to dedicate your time and effort.

Review of survey data:
- “How could we make HHC more valuable to you?” – question on the survey and attached is a sampling of responses – see attached
- “Conclusion – Main trends in quantitative data” – summary of main trends from survey – see attached
- “Conclusion – Food for thought” – Areas of success and opportunities for improvement – see attached
- Trends – Very strong response rate; 20% of people who responded to survey don’t know if they are a member of the HHC; 91% of people want at least monthly communication; philanthropy is #1 reason people join the HHC
- Benchmark of members and dollars given in 2007-2008 was 315 members donating a total of approximately $500,000.

Framework for meeting:
- The members present were divided into four groups (Communication, Events, Student, Membership) to brainstorm about ideas moving forward.

Communication – led by Kate Bertolino:
- Members - Chris Clemente, Shawn Connor, John Pergolin
- Keep records of attendees at all HHC events during year
- Potentially award points for attendance at events
- Send follow up communications / surveys to attendees after events for feedback
- Monthly e-mail during off season; bi-monthly during season
- Update e-mail list of HHC members from Alumni Relations
- Use tracker to see which e-mails are returned (Dan G’s suggestion)
- Attempt virtual communications
- Official Facebook page (young alumni)
- Feature HHC members in communications (ie. one long standing member, one newer member)
- Welcome e-mail to HHC members; what is purpose? vision? Might now know they are a member.
- Recognize membership with HHC member card?
- Construct a HHC member directory for those wishing to participate; picture, short bio
- Student / HHC member mentor program?
- Implement capabilities for online update of e-mail, address, other contact info; is this already done by Alumni Relations and will it coordinate with HHC lists?
- Who needs to be communicated to?
o All Alumni - Extra ticket info; HHC levels & benefits
o HHC Members w/ Season Tickets - All HHC events with advanced notice
o Students - What is HHC? HHC members have extra ticket? Bring a student?
o Former Managers / Players / Hawks - What is level of participation currently?
- Other non communication notes from breakout
o speaker programs annually or biannually – Dick Jerardi / Dick Weiss
o pre game luncheon downtown
o coordinate off campus restaurant/bar events to watch televised games for alumni (work with Alumni Relations)
o combine Mass/Brunch with open time at Hagan Arena for seat evaluation
- June
o Season ticket update on
o 6/15 – Jim Boyle golf outing – members and season ticket holders
o Get emails of all members from alumni office
o Give all alumni opportunity to become HHC member – (1 email per year soliciting membership)
o Look @ bi-yearly or quarterly newsletter via regular mail
- July
o 7/1 – Reminder for Hawks by the Bay communicated to members
o 7/24 – Mailing regarding priority seating
§ Two weeks before communicate to season ticket holders and individuals who are on the wait list, and who have purchases individual games, Palestra games, or post season packages
- August
o 8/15 – Hawks by the Bay
o 8/25 – Students return to campus
- September
o Mass and Brunch
o Hagan Arena Open House
- October
o 10/17 – Hagan Arena Dedication
o Midnight Madness
o Conversation with the Coach
- November
o 11/13 – First game (Drexel) in Hagan Arena
- December
o Charity event

Events – led by Owen Patterson:
- Members – Bobby Gallagher, John Kilroy, Matt Gifford
- Current events:
o General thoughts on the current events and determination of “keep as is,” “modify,” or “skip in 09-10” – specifics will be determined in future conversations
o Midnight Madness – MODIFY
o Banquet – MODIFY
o Conversation with the Coach – KEEP AS IS
o Hawks by the Bay – MODIFY
o Golf Outing – KEEP AS IS
o Mass & Brunch - MODIFY
- New Ideas:
o Basketball tournament for Hawk Hoop Club Members
o Softball tournament on Maguire Campus
o Center city luncheon with Phil & Fr. Lannon
o Young alumni social – Manayunk, Conshohocken, Chickies, Dave & Buster’s, McFadden’s
o Phillies – Phil @ Phillies; possible tailgate party, or gathering at McFadden’s for an away game (so as to allow for gathering without need for 100’s of tickets)
o Service Day at Christmas – participate with the basketball team during their Christmas gift giving program
o Official Hawk Hoop Club road trips and events surrounding game

Student – led by Dan Gallagher:
- Members – Elise Baker, Alex Bretschneider, Maura Kilroy
- Creation of official student group – Student Hawk Hoop Club with leadership from each class (2-3 students from each class as leaders)
- Freshmen allocation of tickets versus all other classes
- Competition for tickets
- Gray vs. Crimson – possible allocation of tickets, or section in determining cheers, etc.
- When students purchase basketball tickets they are required to purchase both Men’s and Women’s games – is this the best way?
- Possibility of including the Hawk T in the student ticket package – raise cost by $10?
- Invitation to exclusive events
o Dinner with the team (front 5 rows – or most passionate fans)
o Question and answer session with Phil
- Create something like – if you do this . . . you will be moved to these seats
- “Phil’s Phront Row”
- Free bus rides to the Palestra
- Direct email to students interested in Men’s Basketball
- Pre/post game events – advertise monthly newsletter with specific promotions about winning prizes, also advertise to students on the board
- Swipe ID at various events to get points
- Alumni and student 3 on 3 tournament
- Charge more for single game tickets as opposed to price per ticket in season ticket package

Membership – led by Pat McGrory:
- Members – Chris Bertolino, Gordon Conwell, Steve Krzywicki
- What do people want and what do they get for being members of the HHC?
o Philanthropy – people want to give back
o Access to players and coaches
o Information about the program – pre-game talks from coaches regarding the upcoming opponent, scouting reports on recruits, etc.
o Opportunity to purchase tickets to post season and various away games
o Being part of a community of passionate fans
- Refine the levels of membership based on donation level. Tie this into what the general levels as defined by the University (as done in the past)
- Need to determine overall goal of HHC – inclusive (eg every person who donates $.01 to program is member), or exclusive (eg need to donate $50 as membership fee). The club has operated under both of these scenarios in its past.

Report back and conversation with the teams
- Notes are incorporated in the above highlights

Next Steps:
- Distribution of minutes to all members
- Distribution of contact list for those who were present
- Set date for team calls – target date Thursday, June 18th, Monday, June 22nd or Tuesday, June 23rd
- Set date for next in person meeting – Monday, June 29th or Tuesday, June 30th
- Formalize team memberships (members subject to change as we move forward with this process)
o Communication
§ Chair - Kate Bertolino
· Chris Clemente, Shawn Connor, John Pergolin
o Events
§ Chair – Owen Patterson
· Alex Bretschneider, Bobby Gallagher, John Kilroy, Matt Gifford
o Students
§ Chair – Dan Gallagher
· Elise Baker, Alex Bretschneider, Maura Kilroy
o Membership
§ Chair – Pat McGrory
· Chris Bertolino, Gordon Conwell, Maura Kilroy, Steve Krzywicki
- Establish an avenue to invite other HHC members to participate on the various committees

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