Sunday, May 17, 2009

Martelli @ JCC

The Jewish Sports Hall of Fame of Western Pennsylvania
Now is the time to rejoin or become a member of the JSHOF

Save the date of Sunday May 17, 2009
This year's inductees:
Linda Gordon, Tennis
Randi Lichtenstein, Tennis
Joel Platt, Sports Memorabilia

This year's Ziggy Kahn Award will be presented to;
Randy Frankel

Special Keynote Speaker this year will be Phil Martelli - Head Basketball Coach for the past 13 years at Saint Joseph’s University.

For information about the Jewish Sports Hall of Fame, to become a member or to purchase tickets to the banquet, call Alan Mallinger , (412) 521-8011 ext. 272, or email


  1. since the jewish faith believes life begins at birth and not conception, should the coach of a catholic university be speaking at this event?

    btw, what is the political position of SJU's most visible employee? should he have that position if he does not believe in all church positions?

  2. Hmmm, I don't quite know how to respond. I'd say your logic is flawed but since there is no logic in your argument... it's a non sequitur.

    The following from the Catholic Standard & Times:

    “A person’s public support for abortion does not mean that the Church and its members should have nothing to do with him or her. It does mean that such a person should expect no honors from the church. Effecting such a change in hearts and in public policy must begin with a reliance on God’s grace, the witness of the Church’s principled stand against giving honors to those who oppose its teaching on the sanctity of human life and constant engagement with all people in consistent, respectful dialogue.”

    Hopefully that will clear up things for you, whoever you are, since you didn't sign your name. Perhaps you'd like to visit the Jewish-Catholic Institute's website at so you could become more informed.

    A favor if you will - if you're an anti-Semite please don't visit my blog anymore. Thank you.