Wednesday, May 20, 2009


44 and friends went to the WMMR BQ on Sunday at the Susquehanna-Tweeter-E-Sony-Blockbuster-Tweeter Center in Camden. A rockin' good time ;-) Dexter and Noodles, of the Offspring (one of my favorite bands) simply shredded ... although I wish the set lasted longer. Papa Roach was awesome as well -- Shaddix has amazing energy on stage. A few videos although it was tough to find ones that wouldn't offend someone ;-)

Noodles and Dexter on WMMR

Jacoby Shaddix in the crowd.

44 buddy 'Lou' and 44's sister during Puddle of Mudd's performance.

Some cool autos... vintage Ford Mustang next to a Dodge Charger.

Dusty Hill and Billy Gibbons of ZZTop closed out the show, and can still rock.

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  1. love the picture of the mustang!