Friday, July 3, 2009

For 44's Hawk Hill buddies (yo 44...)

Keep up the good work. Need “44 E-mail’s” section


Here ya go...

Love the format and thank you so much for doing this for those HAWKS that are not near the nest and all the excitement of PHILLY. I am want to see if I can make it out for this year's season for a game and bringing my son, Theo (12 years old). He loves Philly and wants to try ever cheesesteak place while we are there.....what chip off the old block....Larry's here we come.

Again, thank you so much for keeping us in the loop of everything Saint Joseph's and everything HAWK related.

The Hawk Will Never Die!!!!

San Diego, CA

So good hearing from you Tony! And so this is the real reason I send out the 44 e-mail/blog -- for those Hawks not so close to the Hill, so they can feel like they are still on City Line Avenue. Was talking to your cousin at Chili's one night and he explained the Samoan - St. Joe's connection. Seems Jesuit Volunteer Corps teachers in Samoa would always push their own alma mater. Most chose Santa Clara and other California schools for the proximity, but obviously there were a few SJU JVCers that were pretty convincing ;-)


Thanks for the latest edition. Glad to read that you will be “in The House” come November! Truth be told, I never had any doubts that you would be! Can you kindly add my daughters to your notification email list? Elizabeth and Kathleen. I try to remember to pass it along but sometimes I forget. Enjoy the rest of your summer…see you in the fall! jjw aka SJ00777

Jim Welsh

The girls have been added and I hope to see you at the Hagan for the Drexel game.


In talking it over with Fr. Genovesi and Fr. Bruce Bidinger, we agreed that the Sunday night in week C would be fine. Is it too early to know the calendar dates for those Sunday nights? Fr. Genovesi needs to know so he can work our monthly Community meetings around the theatre nights.I was happy to know you found my Jubilee Mass and Reception met with your approval with the exception of " How Great Thou Art'." You should have felt relieved not to find " Amazing Grace " in the program!

Fr. Moore, SJ

Sent the dates to Fr. G... appreciate the ecumenical olive branch ;-0

Hi Tom,

Many, many thanks for all you've done in arranging for these new seats. I'm sure it isn't easy putting up with all these Jesuit requests.


Fr. Vincent Genovesi, SJ

Never a problem with Jesuit requests ;-)


One the best days of my life as a Catholic School Teacher was having lunch in the rectory at Our Mother of Sorrows with Fr. Daly, and all those so called inner city radicals and the Berrigan brothers. Mind blowing. I have never forgotten the people I met or the ideas, left and right, that were discussed at that kitchen table. I was fortunate to be able to learn from a whole host of people that Fr. Daly invited for lunch. It is what led me to stay in Catholic Education. Thank you for sharing that with us.


P.S. I have just accepted a position of Principal at Holy Child Catholic School in Manayunk. AAHHHHHHH, another school that will learn, "The HAWK Will Never Die!". Please remember me in your prayers that I am equal to the task.

Just saw your brother on Sunday and Tuesday on Hawk Hill -- wow am I blessed ;-) Congrats Mike and good stuff. How I would have loved to be in that room at Sorrows. Good luck at Holy Child! A certain dentist told me you may need help with the Pro-Life March in DC. Let us know.

Tom - I should have also mentioned that Ed's daughters' names are Aine and Alish. (The girls use the surname Dougherty, not Scarazzini). -- Missing Mass was a disappointment but we had a great time in Scranton for graduation weekend. -- When we reconvene in the Fall for Mass I promise a booklet with a cover.


Prayer cards sent... and you have 3 months to work on the booklet for Mass. Should be something spectacular!


Thanks for keeping Mary Katherine on the prayer list. She's scheduled for surgery on 6/12 to put in a new pacemaker and will be at CHOP for a few days. I hope, despite the PSL issue, that you're having a good summer.


PSls are really not that important when you think of it. My best to Mary Katherine.


Thanks for the update on the New Fieldhouse. Sorry it hasn't gone the way you would have liked it to. Hope the season is a great success and you're at every game, though.

Go Hawks!
Matt Brady

Thanks Matt -- will get to your JMU - Drexel game when you come up.


Mrs. Kramer is already being prayed for--her name will be on the list placed on the altar, and read aloud at our weekly holy hour through the intercession of Father Walter Ciszek.

God bless you and her.
Sister Doris

Thank you Sister!

I didn't know the story about your Mom and the statue, but it certainly doesn't surprise me. Although in later years, we only spoke a few times a year on the phone (and didn't see each other as often as I would have liked), I LOVED those phone calls and infrequent visits. As I often said, the greatest compliment I could receive was when Jim or someone would say "are you sure you're not related to Suzanne by blood?" She was like Audrey Hepburn, with "teeth"!

I have a special request. Could you add someone to your prayer list? Her name is Molly Brixius. Her Dad, Mark, and Erinn were grade school and high school classmates (and roommates at Scranton). Molly is 4 and was diagnosed with Early B Cell ALL (acute lymphocytic leukemia) last September. She is now in the "maintenance" stage of her treatment and her UNC counts have been like a rollercoaster. As you might have heard me mention on Sunday, she recently had the Rotavirus and that set her back a little. They are a wonderful family (with another daughter, 6-mo old Emily). Although her prognosis is good, a few extra prayers never hurt anyone. Thanks.

See you at the Christening!


So sorry, will add to prayer list.


I spoke with our IT guy, Joe Young, and asked if he could help me out in downloading the photos/emailing them to you. He said he'd be able to do it today. I see that I definitely have two photos of you and Teron, plus a couple with you in the parking lot behind Manresa Hall.

OK, I'll drop Fr. Fleming's book ("What is Ignatian Spirituality") in the mail today as well. I'd be curious to hear your "take" on it.

Also, don't know if you have a copy of "Hearts on Fire" (Praying with Jesuits). I'll include that as well. I use it frequently.

Take care.


Thanks so much Ed... Hearts got me reseaching some of the Jebs quoted. Did not know the background on DeMello.

Well done, Tom. I like your new format, too. Keep up the great work.

Jimmy Mack

Thanks Chang!

dear tom,
after a long time indeed!!
i go through your mails ...but replies were always a tougher work!!!!
hope you are in your best health...wish you the same.....
greg is fine, but not yet back to his he will be getting a new man in the place of somy...somy is going to rome for ignatian spirituality course....
bene is doing his level best to defeat the age...never say die...of late, he is not in his best active he is making his retreat at xlri...
i am almost settled now at trtc....waiting for the auditing to be over....
the rest is fine... christ..
martin, sj

One year anniversary coming up Martin ;-)

thanks for the prayer cards..............have passed them do have the gift of writing! you might be overstating our time demands........this is an important part of the overall program.


Glad you liked them. Some good ideas were echanged the other night.

Thanks, Tom, for a great book. I went through it when it first came out 35 years ago, but now I can get into it deeper. It is just what I need at this stage of my life, where I am in Jamshedpur with no work to do and time galore on my hand. I am extremely grateful to you for this. -- Also thanks for helping Dhanur again. We got the Kabuli off his back, but he is now trying to get back land which he mortgages to pay the Kabuli. -- I feel good enough, but I won't know my condition until I get anotherr reading of my blood. At the end of last month my hb was still 8.1. --- The money collected at the basketball games, etc. came through in my April account. I have been intending to write to Tim about this.

Christ's Peace!

John Deeney, S.J.

So when is your next book coming out.. in English, not Ho!

Tom- Thanks for sending me the blog! Looks like you got a great fan base on Hawk Hill!!
cousin Joey

We do, and you have to leave Florida some time in February to check them out.

It's nothing Tom, all my pleasure.

As far as PSLs, I have heard nothing. I too fear the 2K smacker as it is a lot of money, money that I don't have. If they would only amortise all of our giving over say 10-12 months, I could probably make that work.

May c u at HBTB.


Yes, it will be tough. Many I know may be cutting back on the amount of tickets they get.

Hey, I just wanted to give you an update on my "nova neighbor" that you gave the tournament tickets to. Apparently he's cancer-free! Amazingly, they checked his bladder and said they couldn't find anything. He has to go back every few months, probably for the rest of his life, to get checked out. But that sure beats having a bag for the rest of his life (or worse.) So, the prayers worked.


Cool, the only night I was ambivalent about nova's outcome as I didn't want himt o miss "his" team.

All went well, latest biopsy shows all clear, but because at her age Cancer can be very aggressive, so she must be undergoing 4 Cycles of Chemo, starting tomorrow, and then Radiation when the 4 - 21 Day Cycles are complete.

Thanks for asking...and please keep praying

Trish's pic is next to the dictionary definition of "trooper".

Thank you!
It was great to see you and Lisa on Saturday, I hope we can get together again soon. I have saved the blog!

We had a ball... would ask for a pic of that night but... (inside joke).


I will put your friend on the prayer list @ the motherhouse. They really do have a direct line to the Big Man. I will be @ the crypt this week and will pray for him. Also please pray for my brother as he is going thru some family trauma.


I'll be up there after July 13th, and will e-mail you to see when we can meet.

By the way, you made the hairs stand up on the back of my neck in reading your email. Your passion shot through my computer screen and filled the room. Thank you for your email, and I look forward to more of the same as we move forward with the HHC.

The Hawk Will Never Die!


You have a great group there... much will be expected ;-)


will "the emails" resume once the season is around the corner? or are we flying high and low into the blogosphere full time? however you reach us, it is greatly appreciated!
Matt Scher '08

Still undecided on that one Matt. The blog is easier for me although Tommy O'Rourke tells me it's blocked at his work along with the gambling and porno websites ;-(

If you can add Merrill King to your prayer list, a good friend of mines daughter who is fighting cancer for the 3rd time at the age of 16, I would appreciate it. Her family has an amazing capacity to fight, which is certainly the product of many prayers that are being said for them. This 3rd pass will be very very difficult.


So sorry Randall, in my prayers. Sorry for the incorrect grad date ;-(

I will definitely pass one on as soon as I get one. Shannon taped the whole thing with her camera and she's in Georgia right now, and I told her to post it to youtube when she gets back so I can distribute the link.

Giving that speech was easily one of the best moments of my life. God I'm going to miss that place.


Missed you at the HHC meeting - slacker ;-0


I am so hoarse from the weekend that I need to rest my voice. So, I will call you sometime next week. I trust that you are doing well.


I hope you are enjoying your retreat... you deserve a break.


Thanks for the update. I will get a card out to him A.S.A.P,. and will keep him & his family in our prayers. By the way, how is Mel doing? When you see him again, tell him I missed him at the 25 year club lunch 2 weeks ago.

On 5/2/09, Rumsey celebrated his 69th birthday. He is doing well and will be in town the last week in July after his trip to Italy.

Hope all is well with you & the family. Looking forward to the new season at the FieldHouse. We are expecting two more grandkids in the fall. Traci is due 8/11 (Nathalie Elizabeth) and our Carrie is due 9/15 with a yet to be named baby boy. We have named him "Simon" Charles.

God Bless,

John Charles.

Be good to see Jim again. We shoudl try and get the ole section "I" together while he's here.

Hi Tom,

I forwarded your most recent e-mail on Chris Matthews to a good friend of mine named Joe McLaughlin. Below is his response. As background, you should know that Joe McLaughlin is one of my best and longest friends and has spent almost his entire life in public affairs, mostly recently as a lobbyist. He is currently on the faculty of Temple U. He is a thoughtful, rational devout Catholic.


The Washington Post had an interesting article Saturday noting that the Vatican newspaper, and the Pope, have refrained from commenting on the Notre Dame invite to Obama and speculating that the Vatican has found Obama less radical than was feared and are hoping to improve relations with him and therefore are allowing the bishops to carry this fight.

If St. Joe's were to withdraw the Matthews invite on the grounds that they recognized belatedly that he was actually a Brothers boy who had made an unfortunate choice of colleges and therefore his speech would be at too high an intellectual level for the Jesuit community to understand, I would, of course, agree with that decision.


Thanks Gordon, good seeing you this week. Sounds like Joe took Sarcasm 101 at LaSalle... and I love it.

hello, Good hearing from you. #1, no reservations. First come, first... #2, I'm up, but only if Dutch. What's 'early'? I propose you get here in time to snatch a parking space (ca. 30), and we'll walk to some eatery nearby. I'm not a big eater. Phone me tomorrow, Tuesday, 9:30a - 10:30, or after 3:30p. Sound OK?
TT, sj

Had a great time. Let me know when you're free again, and hopefully another waitress won't quit on us since we talk so much.

Of course I care! Thanks for letting me know. Do I have to sign up as a follower?

Anita Gallagher Kelly


No need, I've got a stat counter so I know how many visit the site. Any luck with the St. Luke's (Camden) fund raiser?

Hi Tom:

All is well! Semester is over and getting ready for a busy summer here in Haddon Township! I'm getting ready for what would have been my father's 50th anniversary on Hawk Hill--I worked on the Golden Hawks committee this year in memory ofmy Dad. I was in charge of getting the widows of the Golden Hawks to comereceive the Golden Hawk pin on behalf of their deceased husbands--I think we are going to have a pretty good turn out!

Be Well,



Congrats to Judy as I saw your brother the day after! Hope Mom enjoyed the funtion, as tough as it may have been.

So now that Hawk Hoops is done for the next 7 months, you've started upyour own blog? You should take this opportunity to share with the world the secret behind your ability to go months at a time without sleep. You may also want to inform nOVA students that a personal seating license at the Link doesn't mean that you actually get to take the seat out of the stadium. The BMW wasn't a dead give away at all.

The Hawk Will Never Die!!


Thanks, and someday you have to hear my buddy Steve Kelly do an imitation of Mrs. 44 doing an imitation of me explaining away my insomnia. I too enjoyed the article about the nova students in the BMW getting arrested ;-)

Good Morning Tom

I was not sure that you received this e mail from Ann. I will be sending you another one that I received yesterday. I assume that you contacted Martelli. John called me from the hospital. He was thrilled. Phil told him that he has 2 point guards for him. It was greatly appreciated


Yeah, Phil called him 2 hours before he went down to surgery... and since he knew Phil's voice he knew it wasn't a joke. Hawk Hill, what can you say?


As always thanks for the e-mail. Reading is my home town and I know some members of the Predergast family. I will stop by at my church this evening and say a prayer for Jon.

Happy birthday to your sister! She is a great person.

Jeff "Irishawk" Babb

She is, and your prayer seems to have worked!


Many thanks for the tickets; my nephew Michael was my guest. I noticed a $15.00 notation on each ticket. If you paid that, I certainlywant to reimburse you. Let me know.

Nice to see the Arrupe prayer so attractively printed with the gentle plug for Orissa.

Good work!

Bill Byron, SJ

We don't charge Jesuits. We make it up when the Augustinians come down, charge them double, and give them lousy seats. The book marks I give out to those who may be receptive. My way of proseltyzing.

what's new with you? we gotta meet up when things settle down this spring/summer!going to the border next week (for my kiddos' graduation) and in June with the prep group (got a GREAT group this yr- met with them and their parents Monday! got a fball player who already has a full ride to BC, the president of the class and the vp of the class... def not a bad lineup!)...

got some HUGE news the other day- almost called you but it was pretty late... one of my boys got a FULL scholarship to st joe's!!!! Luis Martinez... I'll do a write up on him for your webpage one of these days.... he got in to 10/10 colleges and ended up getting offered the ignatian connections scholarships last week.... brilliant kid with terrific grades, bilingual and wants to do international business... Kevin (dijulia's nephew) and i were gonna set up a mtg with phil/don to see if we could get him involved with the team (possibly manager?)....hell, maybe he could be that hawk in a few yrs! lol he is a great ball player but an even better human being- very humble like nelson! so excited for him... everyone wanted him at their respective schools and God led him to St. Joe's... perfect!


You're the best Kristen and I'm so happy about Luis. He'll be a great addition to St. Joe's. God indeed! May have something else for your kids at St. Joe's - Pro soon.

Pope's coming here next week. Would you like me to tell him anything for you? I could try to get him to hold up a Hawks t-shirt …

Glenn Jasper
Managing Director
Ruder Finn Israel

Darn... reminds me I owe you a package. I'm getting there Glenn.

Thanks, Tom, for coming by and sending the pictures as well. I enjoyed seeing you. Raj was funny with his camera but I know he enjoyed the visuals. I was happy that he asked Father Bruce for a copy of the Ignatian curriculum! And glad the you and Teron had some time.

George W. Bur, S.J.

Good seeing you on Sunday. Teron is up at summer camp and enjoying it, and hopefully devouring his summer reading list. Need to update that blog of yours! (
The Spirit blows where it will)


Small world - I am very familiar with the Sisters of the Assumption; they reside at St. Stan's in Lansdale.


Good luck with the hip, still have that waiting for you at the Box Office when you come back.

Don't know if you heard about the loss of a former SJU grad, Matt Mullin "05, and SJP ''01. Matt was a rower for Drew for seven years both at the Prep and SJU. He was working in Hong Kong in finance for an investment company and had a boating accident - hit his head on the boat after slipping when he was jumping in the water - never came up and they couldn't find him for 24 hours. His is a great loss and there are many classmates and friends from both alma maters grieving. He was a "bigger than life" personality and will be sorely missed. Needless to say, his parents and brother, Mark SJP ,99 , are devastated. Please keep them in your prayers. They are returning Sunday with his body and funeral arrangements will follow.


So sorry for you, Drew and his family. I heard from quite a few people in the Prep/College community about this. My deepest sympathy.


Thanks again for your good dope on the ND fiasco!!! What are the Philly SJU folks doing about the above subject? Where is the outrage? Fr. Lennon should know much better!!! He had to be taught by one of the greatest Jebbies of all time FR. CARL REINERT SJ at CREIGHTON U . The idea of honoring CM at a real& true Jesuit school is abhorrent to those of us who have known CM in Washington. He has over the years Falsely advertised his background to become a celebrity in that phony city which thinks GU is still a Catholic school!!!! CM has a great personality just like Bidden, Kennedy et al But these guys are the worst hypocrites in the world. Please let me know what is going on at SJU? Were is Fr. Bill Byron on all of this? He should know how hipocritical it is for SJU to honor one these guys from the cafeteria catholic group at TrinityParrish in Gtown!!!!!


Let me know how you really feel Jim!


good being with you,
and on checking my Mass intentions, I find that Thursday 30 April is open, So now it will be offered, a tad late, as a 3rd anniversary Mass for your Mother.

Fr. Toland, SJ

Thanks so much Father.

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