Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Frank and Bubba's Memorial Classic

Dear Classmates and Friends:

You usually hear from me in February about our St. Joe's Basketball Game Reunion. I have another event I'd like you to consider with a lot of relevance to Class of ' 70 members and others. On Friday, July 17th, the 12th Annual Frank and Bubba Barry Golf Classic will be held at Westover Country Club in Jeffersonville.

Frank and Bubba's Memorial Classic (Info on registering, being a sponsor and past outings on the site)

Jim "Bubba" Barry was a key figure to his classmates at St. Joseph's Preparatory School and St. Joseph's College. His selfless service as a class officer and his role as the organizer of just about every fun time the Class of ' 70 experienced made him a larger-than-life figure. He went onto fame as the boss man of a Mister Softee operation in South Jersey, then as the owner of Bubbas Potbelly Stove in Quakertown. He was taken from us far too early several years ago after a bout with cancer.

Frank Barry was Jim's younger brother who passed away in his early 40's after a heart attack. Frank was a crabob copy of Jim at Monsignor Bonner High School and Mercyhurst College. The Classic began in Frank's honor and Jim worked tirelessly to make it a success every year. After Jim's death the Classic was named after both brothers.

Over the years more than $107,000.00 has been raised and donated for scholarships to Bonner and Mercyhurst, for defibrillators at Msgr. Bonner and Archbishop Prendergast High School, for severely burdened classmates when a thousand dollars looked like ten times that amount, and for the support of other fundraising endeavors at Bonner and Mercyhurst.

I hope you will make every effort to join me, my brothers, and the many friends of Jim and Frank for a great day of golf, stomach-hurting laughter, telling of tall tales, and a reunion of many circles that Jim and Frank were part of.

As Bubba would say, "If you can find something more fun to do with your hundred bucks that day, to hell with that and come to the Frank and Bubba Classic anyway."

We're only going around once, boys and girls! Go for the center of the cup.

Jim McLaughlin
Bubba's Pal
St. Joseph's College, 1970

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  1. Tom, thanks for promoting the Frank and Bubba Classic. The committee has gone above and beyond to make the day affordable and accessible to many friends from Bonner, Prendie, St. Joe's Prep, SJU, Mercyhurst, Drexel Hill, Quakertown, and Audubon, NJ. We still have some openings that you will help fill.

    Jimmy Mack