Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Can't get to Heaven on the Frankford El...

44 got a visit from the Brennan Family yesterday, and since I had a half day we shot out to -- where else -- the New Deck -- for a good meal (can you say Chicken O'Ceasar?) and to say "hello" to Aidan.

I introduced the Brennans to SEPTA and we took took the El out to West Philly, where I got yet another free meal. I bought their 6 tokens and told them they were $10 each so I think they felt they had to. This makes it 7 years now since I had to pay for a drink or food at the New Deck ;-)

Congratulations are in order for Sarah Brennan, who will start working for Neumann University in August at their Institute for Sport, Spirituality and Character Development. As you may know our own Chuck Sack is the Athletic Director there so it is so good to know that our Jesuit educated alums will be touched by Franciscan spirituality as well. Good luck Sarah!

A trip to Lafeyette Hill, and yet another free meal, courtesy of Kevin McBurney, aka FlappinHawk. A rare offseason chance to see Mrs. Hawk, the porcupines, and the seats from Connie Mack Stadium in his garage. Seems like years ago Kevin was driving through North Philly when an angel of the Lord called to him, and asked him and his buddy to liberate 6 seats from the decaying, closed park and put them in his '73 AMC Gremlin. He does work in strange ways.
Where's the rest of your car... tootse?

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