Tuesday, July 7, 2009


"You gotta job that pays good money
Well and you patched things up at home
You go to church most every Sunday
And you never have to sleep alone
You're wearin new rags baby
you got me feelin used

I like the old you when you had problems
I like the old you when you were you
I like the old you when you were drowning baby
You used to be a sweet sweet wreck

You don't go to bed at sunrise
You don't wake up next to me
And some stranger stole your pretty eyes
And she don't like what she sees
Well you were wild once baby
and I was wild in love with you"
The Old You ~ John Eddie

"My life and my career is based around my live performances," Eddie says. "Of the 40,000 copies sold of the last album, I'd say about 30,000 were because of the live shows. It's when I get in front of people that they really connect with my songs."

Most critics agreed, praising Eddie for the razor-sharp songwriting that had him wandering down the same troubled, winding (and sometimes dead-end) streets as Springsteen, John Mellencamp and Steve Earle. The songs on the record touch on everything from the price life on the road exacts from relationships (the bittersweet opener, "If You're Here When I Get Back") to hitting middle age (the wry, profane "40").

Packing clubs and rock venues around the country, Eddie's shows bring out scores of fans, urging them all to "grab a cocktail" and sing along with tunes that have the spirit of 1950s rockers, barn-burning rockabilly and 1970s Jersey Shore rock and roll, with enough blues and country influence thrown in to confuse radio station program managers everywhere.

I've always loved rock and roll, and have seen many, many concerts, and of course have my favorite bands that I still listen to. But truth be told the band I've seen the most is the one and only John Eddie. Only the Lord knows how many times, but I'd say it must be over 200 times. Saw him in New York City, all over Jersey, 2nd Street bars, Northeast Philly (closing of the Empire Rock Club), and even a strange night down in Dewey Beach, DE.

Many Philadelphians and New Jerseyans will remember the old John Eddie and the Front Street Runners. John never had the commercial success he truly deserved, but he's still out there kicking butt. In my humble opinion there hasn't been a better song writer -- ever.

Back in the day when Natasha needed 24/7 care we'd bring in a nurse just one night a week and Looch and I would steal away to T-Birds in Asbury Park for John's acoustic show with baby Joe Sweeney and current guitarist PK Lavengood. Some nights I think we comprised 1/3 of the crowd and whatever we requested got played, and of course illegally taped. He's got a song for each and every mood you could possibly be in. And not so long ago, in a galaxy far, far away, people used to think I was his little brother and buy me drinks. He has no brother --but of course I never refuse an act of kindness!

So on the 4th of July Mrs. 44 (also a JE veteran) and I took in the show at the Trump Marina in Atlantic City, and of course he didn't disappoint. In between sets I got a chance to talk to him and catch up on his life. He's a little more country now than rock, and he's finally enjoying some success. Kid Rock is doing a cover of one of his songs, as is Sammy Hagar's new band featuring Joe Satriani and Michael Anthony of Van Halen. John is touring the country, not just Jersey, and has just bought a house in Tennessee -- which I'm so happy for him since he used to live out of a $10 motel in Maple Shade, then later, I think, in his Pontiac Fiero ;-)

So here I make my pitch for JE... and you can check out his website at who the hell is john eddie? and read this great article at Chorus and Verse John Eddie. And who else can you go see in concert that makes the sign of the cross in no less then 5 songs?

I really wish you'd re-record Mean Streak, Something's Goin' on, and The Old You. Three of my favorites and the cassette tape is starting to go bad ;-(
Good seeing you Maureen -- from the guy who got your Dad the crappy Notre Dame car wash shirt!

The soul of John Eddie...

Bleepin' 40... only click if you're over 18 (or over 40) and have a sense of humor.

If you don't have a good time at a JE concert - you're dead and ya don't know it.

Something Going On
words and music by John Eddie

I gotta dance just to keep from crying, I'm in a trance til the sun goes down
Well living lonelys kissin up to dying, and I'm not ready for no whole in the ground
I wanna go where the lights are pretty, now where the girls put the lights to shame
Well mister this old heart, can get a brand new start, it's losin but it's still in the game
well you can count me among the wounded, but I'm a stranger to the dead and gone

Chorus: Somethings goin on, somewhere, somebody's out there someplace else, somethings goin on somewhere, somebody's dancing, uh, I'm dancing by myself

I bet some drop dead honey is decked out, she's turnin heads like a head on wreck
The kind of girl the whole world checks out, honey I ain't met yet
I can feel her and she's out there waiting, gonna steal her from her Daddy's heart
And know when we first kiss, I guarantee you this, we'll kiss until death do us part
And when she asks about the big forever, I say baby make it twice that long

I'm wide awake drivin through the dead night, whole lotta livin I was meant to do
I see a couple kissing at the red light, my jealous heart says this night ain't through
Lord don't the sun come up fast, it's the lonely nights that last too long
There's something going on...

Well now my thoughts drift a way to a young girl, waking up and watching her get dressed
and thinking somethings died, and wishing I knew why, all she said was it's for the best
Just put your flowers on the band stand baby, a lovers gate is what I'm dancing on


  1. 44, would of never figured you for a john eddie fan. I have his 1st album and it is one of the best ever ...ever.

  2. thanks for the kind words in your blog...im honored to be your brother...see u soon...je

  3. Thanks so much for this -John is a songwriter par excellence- all of his concerts are just super! I have a mostly complete screen play play based on his music and I dream about having it read- and produced.

    As a 'Faithful' fan.. it would be so great if more people could hear his work...
    SBS, Chester Springs PA