Thursday, September 10, 2009

Back again...

Was on vacation... skipped the excursions and played ball all week, mainly against the Puerto Rican tourists -- who all have good game. In fact the whole island plays like Travieso & Padilla from the old UMASS teams. Well schooled. Must have good coaches on the island.

TDow sent me this pic; the Prep got a new halfcourt logo, perfectly blending a mean looking Hawk with the traditional cross logo. Talked to Nardi and he's high on their upcoming season -- talked to Speedy and he said Nardi was the most optimistic person he ever met. And there's nothing wrong with that ;-)

New addition at the Box Office; two very small frogs
who only have to be fed twice a week -- if we remember.

Dinner with Looch in Northeast Philly.... sitting between Detroit muscle.

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  1. funny, the prep logo is much better than the college. I bet it also cost $100,000 less too.