Thursday, September 17, 2009

JamJebs invade Philly, again!

"The Maryland Province of the Society of Jesus has ministered in Jamshedpur for over 60 years. We celebrate the companionship and special gifts of this shared ministry with our Jesuit brothers in India."

Most people in corporate America have a virulent distaste for meetings.

Too bad... we had a great one today!

Perhaps it depends on the company you work for, or the company you keep. We were privileged to be visited today by Jerry Cutinha, SJ and Tony Raj, SJ of the Jamshedpur Jesuit Province in India. They are visiting America to attend the National Catholic Development Conference and took time out of their busy schedule to visit Philadelphia to share with us the latest news from India and to collaborate with their friends here on the best strategies to raise funds to support their ongoing mission.

A lengthy meeting that could have gone on longer had the good Fathers not had to leave to visit their "Jamshedpur Men" (Maryland Province Jesuits who worked in India) now retired and living at Manresa Hall at St. Joseph's University. No doubt it was a great surprise for Fathers Tony Roberts, Ed Nash, Ed Graham and Gene Powers.

Jerry and Tony will be concelebrating Mass in Woodstock, Maryland next Sunday. All are invited to attend ;-)

Jerry Cutinha, SJ and Tony Raj, SJ from the Jamshedpur Jesuit Province, with Bill Rickle, SJ,
George Bur, SJ, and Ed Plocha, Development Director for the Maryland Jesuit Province.

Brainstorming with Al Zimmerman and Bill Avington from St. Joseph's Preparatory School,
and with Greg Geruson from the Catholic School Development Program.

44, and Fr. Bur, with Fr. Jerry and Fr. Tony.

Jerry Cutinha, SJ , Formation Director at Loyola Niwas, outside the Church of the Gesu.
Tony and I with Prep Marketing & Communications geru Bill Avington.

An earlier meeting at the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, with Fr. Deeney's niece Nancy Caramanico, the Director of Technology for the Office of Catholic Education, and Msgr. James T. McDonough, Director of the Pontifical Society Propagation of the Faith, Mission Society of the Holy Childhood, Missionary Union.

Joe Ruggieri, SJP '69, here with former Prep trustee Kathy Heist, Bruce Maivelett, SJ, and George Bur, SJ.


The Maryland Province Jesuits invite you to Meet and Greet our Jamshedpur Jesuit visitors

Fr. S. Anthony Raj, SJ and Fr. Jerome Cutinha, SJ

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Mass at 12 noon

St Alphonsus Rodriguez Parish
10800 Old Court Road
Woodstock, Maryland 21163


  1. Thanks Tom,

    Your were very quick in getting the word around the world.
    Thanks very much for all your efforts for mobilising support for Jamshedpur Jesuits.
    Meeting yesterday was excellent. Tony and I are very appreciative of the tips and the suggestions you gave us in the meeting.
    These suggestions will certainly help us in making our plans for mobililsing support for our work in Jamshedpur - the great work begun by the great Maryland Jesuit Pioneers 60 years ago. Meeting people like you gives us encouragement in our mission. Thanks Tom. Thanks very much for the gifts.

    Jerry Cutinha SJ

  2. It was my pleasure – especially for a friend and a fellow HGP alum. The Jebs have a great challenge but also a wonderful opportunity to be successful.

    The work that is being done in India is truly “Magis”. Don’t hesitate to call if you have any further questions.

    Best regards,


  3. I just met with the group and Father Raj S.J. and Father Cutinha S.J.! It was so nice to meet with these friends of my uncle and to hear of their travels in support of the Jamshedpur Jesuits. Very inspiring!

    Thanks for letting me know that they would be in the area. They took photos that I would love to share with Uncle John. See if you can work your magic and get me a copy so that we can sent them to him : )


  4. Dear Tom,


    Thank you very much for being there to listen to and be part of our converstations.

    Jerry and I are greatly obliged.

    Am grateful for the photos, and your gift..

    See you in St A's, Woodstock On 27.

    Jisu Marang.
    S.Tony Raj, S.J.