Thursday, September 10, 2009

Jisu marango;ka, and news from Jamshedpur

"Morning, Tom. The Catholic Hos say Jisu marang. Jisu = Jesus and is pronounced Jeesu, u pronounced like ou in the word you... marang means great, big. The full form of the greeting should be Jisu marango;ka, which means may Jesus be considered great, - or praised be Jesus. But they always use the short form. Both 'a's in the word marang are pronouned like the English word 'a' as in 'a book"

The common Ho greetings is jowar, jo pronouned like the name Joe, and war pronounced like the word are, preceded by a very slight w sound.

NB - Today, 23rd Aug. is the anniversay of the Killing of the Sadhu in Orissa and the start of the persecution. There is tension and fear there today among the Christians that there might be more trouble today, not on the previous scale, since the authorities are more alert now, but there could be trouble in isolated villages.

So pray! pray!!!

Your package has not yet come. I will let you know when it does.
Greetings to your father and sister.
Christ's Peace,

John, sj

The Hawk landed

Thanks, Tom, for a great package. A lot of money, effort, time and love must have gone into getting that package ready. It arrived in perfect condition at Loyola, and Bro Maxi, the Minister there, brought it over here. Father Guidera had come to my room. We were chatting when another Father dropped in, then while those two were here, Bro Maxi and our Fr. Min came in with the package. So there were 4 of them. I knew that they would be curious so with their help I opened the package and we all had a good view of all that was in it, - a great selection of books, fabulous photos, esp, the big ones, 3 nice music discs, a package of TastyKakes which I kept for myself and have started to enjoy. 4 big bags of M/Ms (I have shared one bag, and may share one more. That will still give me quite a bit). There were also some nice linen handkerchiefs, a nice Hawks shirt, plenty of Catholic Standards I already gleaned thru them and found the article about Orissa, --and some other odds & ends.

Father Jerry C now lives with the Provincial in Jamshedpur. I phoned him and he came over and got the book, pictures of candidates, and he will get the other photos for Fathers Saleth, Hila, and Sushil at Basahatu. We are all immensely grateful for your great kindness. Today I showed many people esp. the big photos. They are esp. for me a great reminder of your visit. --- So many many thanks.
Christ's Peace,
John, sj

Johnny and I got a kick out of you "hoarding" the butterscotch krimpets! Let me know what you think of the CDs. I'll send you pics and updates after we meet with Fr. Jerry and Fr. Tony next week. And I'll continue to pray for those souls in Orissa. A decade on the PATCO for them tonight

Hi Tom,

I think the last mail was incomplete..our net is giving a lot of trouble.

I came to Jamshedpur for some work and got held up...i just missed my train and ...well saw the train leaving the platform.

My malaria and typhoid is almost over...slight headache occasionally -- might take some time to come back to the normal strength.

Fr. Greg also is taking rest....his health is off and on and I think yesterday Fr. John was discharged from Mercy Hospital....I might meet him at XLRI now.

Fathers Jerry and Tony are all excited to visit the States and the loving people over there.....
hoping to hear from you soon.

in Christ...

Martin, sj
Know you all are always in my prayers. Let me know when your package arrives -- should have been there already ;-(

Dear Tom,

Thank you very much for your mail. It was a real surprise.

I look forward to meeting you there in the US. Tony Raj and I are planning to arrive on 15 September and return India on 6 October. I will let you know once we get the US Visa and our tickets are booked.

All our engagements, stay and travel in the US are planned by Edward Plocha, the Maryland Advancement Officer in Baltimore. Yesterday, I did mention your name to him that we intend to meet you sometime. We have requested Ed to accomodate a trip to Manresa House, Philadelphia to meet our Jamshedpur Men. Please be in touch with Ed Plocha.
Our Gregory D'Silva has not yet recovered fully from his sickness. Our Benedict Kichingia was recently admitted in a Hospital in Jamshedpur, and now is taking rest in XLRI.

Looking forward to meeting you, Johnny, Steve and Tim.


Jerry Cutinha, SJ
We are all really excited about meeting you at St. Joseph's Preparatory School on the 17th... which just so happens to be the Feast of St. Robert Bellarmine, SJ! Can't wait.

from the new Jamshedpur Jesuits website (still under construction)

We now find 20,170 Jesuits in the world- 3986 are in South Asia. They are called to be available for any work as the need arises. We find them in parishes, high schools, colleges, refugees camps, coaching basketball and other games, caring for the sick, giving free legal aid to the poor, as computer experts and doing many more jobs. A Jesuit is ready to use his training and talents for whatever his Superior decides.
Today in the 21st century, as in the past, we Jesuits together with our lay partners place ourselves in the presence of the God who created all people ask ourselves the same questions that St. Ignatius suggested to his first companions at the University of Paris during the early years of the Renaissance. The answers to these questions have guided all our endeavours in the past and is our light to the future...

What have I done for Christ?

What am I doing for Christ?

What will I do for Christ?

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