Thursday, August 20, 2009

70 years a Jeb for Fr. Deeney!

John Deeney, SJ, with Michael Thanaraj, SJ, last month at XLRI in Jamshedpur.


Thanks for trying to find that e-mail, for your letter, for some great photos, esp. Ed's and a photo of the birthday boy and his father, - Jack looking a bit bewildered. Also thanks for the package which is coming. I'll surely let you know when it arrives.--- Jerry Cutinha will be going for a couple weeks to Maryland Prov. in Sept. He just phoned me asking where you live. He is hoping to contact you when he is in USA. --- Your presence at my b'd party last year was something special which could not be repeated here. There you were immersed right in the middle of the community the whole time you were there. Here things are much more formal.

--- I climbed the stairs to enter the Jesuit novitiate on 14th Aug. 1939, so the 14th I completed 70 years as a Jesuit, Praise God!

Enough for now,
Christ's Peace!

John, S.J.

Praise God indeed! Congratulations on the anniversary of being a Jesuit 70 years! Lupingutu (LPG) holds a special place in my heart. We had some fun with the Deeney and Curtis families on Sunday telling our tales of India on Sunday.

6th Man and his bewildered son Jack :-) My best to Gack and Gorilla.

Jerry Cutinha, SJ, on the roof of Inigo Niwas in LPG.

Dear Tom,

Thank you very much for your mail. It was a real surprise.

I look forward to meeting you there in the US. Tony Raj and I are planning to arrive on 15 September and return India on 6 October. I will let you know once we get the US Visa and our tickets are booked.

All our engagements, stay and travel in the US are planned by Edward Plocha, the Maryland Advancement Officer in Baltimore. Yesterday, I did mention your name to him that we intend to meet you sometime. We have requested Ed to accomodate a trip to Manresa House, Philadelphia to meet our Jamshedpur Men.
Our Gregory D'Silva has not yet recovered fully from his sickness. Our Benedict Kichingia was recently admitted in a Hospital in Jamshedpur, and now is taking rest in XLRI.

Looking forward to meeting you, Johnny, Steve and Tim.

Jerry Cutinha SJ

I will be in touch with Ed and will be sure to alert Johnny, Steve and Tim so we can all get together - I can't wait. I am so sorry to hear that Fr. Greg is still not well and Br. Bene was taken to JAM. Prayers today for both of them, and all our Jeb buddies in the Province.

Greg D'Silva, SJ, with Steve and the children at St. Paul Miki School in Pandabir,
and with 44 in front of St. Francis Xavier at Queen of Peace Parish in Basahatu.

As always anone who would like to help the Jamshedpur Jesuits in their mission to help souls in India feel free to send a check. Please make sure it is made out to the "Jesuit Missions" as the bank gives them a hard time otherwise.

The Jesuit Missions

(for John J. Deeney, SJ in Jamshedpur)
Maryland Province Jesuits
Advancement Office
PO Box 64848
Baltimore, MD 21264

If interested they are redeveloping their website - simply click Jamshedpur Jesuits to find out more.

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