Sunday, August 23, 2009

MSAA Cote Carnival

"I wanted to send out an invitation to everybody to knock out MS. Multiple sclerosis is a growing epidemic world-wide and millions live with this disease. I’ve seen first-hand how this disease affects people through my sister who was diagnosed 8 years ago. I have a great opportunity in the position I am in to give back and help bring awareness and ultimately to knock out this brutal disease. So let’s all drop our gloves and fight to help the MS community."

- Riley Cote, Philadelphia Flyers

A great time for all at the 2nd Annual Cote Carnival sponsored by MSAA - The Multiple Sclerosis Association Of America at Swanky Bubbles! in Cherry Hill. Even in these difficult economic times the event was sold out and raised 25% above their goal. 44 and his father-in-law were responsible for selling the chances to win $2,600 worth of restaurant gift certificates -- which Riley, along with owners Ira and Vince, personally solicited by visiting owners in Philadelphia and South Jersey. The "civil savage", known as an enforcer, is actually a good guy, a compassionate guy, a regular guy... and the Flyers fans have a special affinity for their players. For more on Riley and the carnival click Cote: A Different Kind of Fight - Philadelphia Flyers - News. To help support the fight against MS click Multiple Sclerosis Association of America (MSAA):Ways to Help.

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