Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Strange but true...

Believe it or not... there is a place called the 44 Bar... in St. Ignatius, Montana.

44 Bar & Cafe
73124 Us Highway 93
Saint Ignatius, MT
(406) 745-3018

And while were on the topic... drink some Jesuit wine and support the Jesuits!

We proudly present Inigo, a new line of Jesuit-produced varietal wines from Ignatius Cellars, a leading winery in Australia's famed Clare Valley region.

Established in 1851 by the Society of Jesus to provide sacramental wine, Ignatius Cellars is still owned and operated by the Jesuits, who today produce an award-winning range of fine table wines, including the new Inigo label.

Your purchase of these wonderful and affordable wines - available exclusively in the United States through Loyola Productions - supports the ongoing charitable work and global mission of the Society of Jesus.

Wines noted below may be purchased individually or in cases of 12 bottles. As a convenience to supporters, shipping and handling costs are included in the purchase price.

To order online, please fill in the secure order form.

To order by phone, call Loyola Productions at 310-815-8542.

To order by fax, please download the pdf form* and fax to 310-815-8758.

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