Sunday, August 9, 2009

Aint' no party like a Scranton party...

Last weekend it was off to my mother's birthplace -- good old Scranton!
A most unusual place... where else would people call funeral homes "corpse houses"?
I asked my mother once where she was baptized. She replied "Fr. Rader's Church on the East Mountain. She wasn't quite sure what the real name of the church was as everyone just called it "Fr. Rader's." Over the weekend I was talking to a buddy's wife who also hailed from the East Mountain. I asked what parish she was from and she said... Fr. Rader's! The parish, soon to be closed, is really called Holy Name of Jesus, but I find it quite amazing that generations later good ole Fr. Rader is still remembered.
All but Scrantonians may find the following boring. But should you be interested in visiting Scranton click Scranton, PA - Official Website or check out this article from last week's Philadelphia Inquirer - The magic of Scranton. And naturally if you're looking to send your son or daughter to a great Jesuit university, simply click... The University of Scranton.

Snickers saw me off... and 2:45 later I was getting off the NE Extension.

No visit to Scranton would be complete without seeing Mr. James Cummings of South Side Scranton! One Utica Club beer and within three hours I was up to date on all things Scranton ;-)

A familiar spot -- the Mullens' kitchen! No roast and mashed potatoes but as always they did feed me. Someday I hope to have my picture on their fridge but I won't hold my hand on my a$$ waiting for that to happen ;-(

Two generations of Steve Mullens: Stephen Sr. however is the undisputed champ of shuffleboard, and rightly deserves his title as "the Hammer!"

The shrine to the Jesuit Martyrs of El Salvador, between the Jeb Residence and the old Scranton Mansion.

Great job on the redevelopment of Lackawana Avenue, and sadly the old Globe Store -- "I love shopping at the Globe"

Old friends are golden: with the pride of West Pittston Bill Burke - history teacher at Scranton Prep, cross country coach at the university, and one of the coahing greats of NE Penna. In red Steve "Mad Dog" Mullen, formerly of South Side, now of Newport News, and the glue that holds all the old buddies together. Can't remember if this in South Side or Minooka.

Lunch with the future Senator of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Thomas P. Cummings, Esq, at where else... Coney Island Lunch.

Cousins all: Steve Mullen, Bill Auriemma, Joe Mullen, practicing for the Jack Mullen Memorial Golf Outing.

While I miss the Gunster Memorial Student Center one can't argue that the new DeNaples Center is impressive.

Bust of Jason Miller, of That Championship Season and The Exorcist fame, at the courthouse.

Only the Jesuits could have gotten 6 million from this unlikely source.

Honoring two great ones: John Gavigan and Edward Gannon, SJ.

Fr. Fitz. Scranton remembers their own in a special way, a way in which SJU should emulate.

Unfortunately the Jesuits have decided to eliminate yet another historic 44 worship site. First they eliminated the Bellarmine Hall Chapel on Hawk Hill, now the St. Ignatius Chapel is closing ;-( As Mr. Monk would say "change is... impossible."

In their defense they are opening a new chapel across the street, to be called the Chapel of the Sacred Heart, near Loyola Hall and the greenhouse.

The great statue of St. Ignatius Loyola, dedicated at the 100th anniversary in 1988.

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  1. looks like you had a nice trip-colleen