Sunday, October 11, 2009

11-10 -- Jesuit Martyrs in El Salvador Lecture

SJU: Office of Mission - Catholic Intellectual Series

The Catholic character of Saint Joseph's University springs from its historical relationship with the Roman Catholic Church, and from its current embodiment of the great traditions of Catholic life and culture. The Catholic Intellectual Series promotes the long and dynamic history of catholic intellectual thought and highlights the latest and best within our tradition. Through this series Saint Joseph’s University desires to highlight the thoughts and writings of prominent catholic thinkers in our country and throughout the world.

The Saint Joseph's University Office for Mission and Identity presents
The Catholic Intellectual Series 2009-2010

"Do everything possible so that liberty is victorious over oppression, justice over injustice, love over hate."

- Ignacio Ellacuria, SJ

The Catholic University as Social Force:
Dangerous Memories of the UCA Martyrs

Michael E. Lee, Ph.D
Assistant Professor of Theology, Fordham University

November 10th, 2009

11:30 am

Mandeville Hall, Wolfington Teletorium

"They killed these Jesuits academics for having made the university an efficacious instrument for the defense of the masses of the people , for having become a critical conscience in a sinful society and creative conscience of a different society for the future -- the utopia of God's reign on behalf of the poor. They killed them for having tried to make a university truly Christian. They killed them because the Jesuits believed in a God of the poor, and they determined to bring forth this faith in and through the university."

Jon Sobrino, SJ

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