Saturday, October 31, 2009

Stock's poundcake -- Best of Philly

On the way back from a funeral in Kensington at Ascension I drove through the Port Richmond/Fishtown part of town and, of course, had to stop by at Stock's. They have the best poundcake in the world -- and I'll fight anyone who disagrees ;-)

Stock's Bakery
2614 East Lehigh Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19125

"One day last summer, while out on business, I found myself in the area where I thought my former boss scored these heavenly poundcakes. I sent a frantic text message around asking if anyone knew where this delightful place that sold frosted poundcakes was located. One friend -- an officer with the Philadelphia PD -- knew where to send me. It's a small neighborhood place that you might not realize is there unless you're looking for it. These poundcakes they make are THE BEST. The frosting will satisfy any sweet tooth.

The poundcake itself is just ... great. I was thrown off by how heavy it was. I don't think anyone will ever question how fresh anything in that place is because there are so many people coming in and out to get their cakes. I really can't imagine that they have much -- if anything -- leftover at the end of each day. I think I spent $18 on the poundcake. It was worth it. It puts other poundcakes to shame. Thank goodness I don't live in that neighborhood. I would need a poundcake intervention."

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