Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Irish singers at St. Malachy's 11-1-2:00 PM

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and more from our man Rich Brennan, who captained the SJU Dragon Boat this year. One needn't look anywhere else to find a better representative of our beloved University and a man with and for others.
Great job by all -- magis indeed ;-)

Hi Tom,

I wanted to thank you and all those who responded by reading your blog for their personal donations and purchases of SJU Dragon Boat hats and visors for the Old St. Joseph's Parish Outreach Program. A total of $1,025.00 in contributions have been received and given to the OSJ's Outreach Program.

Kristine Jaeger, Director of Old Saint Joseph's Outreach Program wrote me the below letter:


Dear Rich,

On behalf of the Old St. Joseph's Outreach Staff and clients, I wish to thank you for your help in raising donations for our program. Your ongoing support as well as the support of St. Joe's University students and Alumni is greatly appreciated. Together, we can work to end homelessness in our city.

The donations which will be used to buy food and supplies, will undoubtedly contribute to the success of Old. St. Joseph's Outreach program. It is proof that actions speak louder than words. Have faith in knowing that you are part of the solution.

May God bless you for your generosity,


Kristine Jaeger, Director
Old St. Joseph's Outreach

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