Friday, October 9, 2009


Could it be... the new floor at Hagan Arena? With 'AMDG', 'ad maiorem Dei gloriam' in the paint, proclaiming to national TV audiences during Hawk games that we should do all things for the greater glory of God?

Just kidding -- it's the new floor at the St. Joseph's Prep. But how cool would it be for the University to follow suit? If we can place ads on the floor... why not the motto of the Jesuits?

But I was down at the Prep, in part, watching the Phillies lose with Teron Dow, Joe Nardi, assistant basketball coach Dov Grohsgal, president George Bur, SJ, Tyler Patchen, and Stephen Vasturia.

In the latest Nardi recruiting rumors it appears that the College of the Holy Cross may now be in the lead. Villanova had expressed interest but it seems that Nardi's GPA and SAT scores were too darn high for admission into that Main Line community college run by the Augustinians.

Because you demanded it... another picture of Snickers ;-)

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