Saturday, October 31, 2009


I was taking the PATCO to work this morning and the honor boxes were sold out of the Inky and the Daily News... so I bought a Courier-Post. I was reading this letter to the editor, and agreeing with the writer (especially aboutthe beach tags), when I saw his name. Is Brzozowski getting to be like Smith or Jones?

New Jersey -- No. 1 in the nation with the highest taxes, No. 4 in the nation with people leaving a state, high rate of businesses leaving the state, almost 10 percent unemployment, high auto insurance rates, a 7 percent sales tax, rampant corruption of both elected officials and public servants, high crime rate and a governor who had done nothing but raise taxes and cower to unions.

All this mess and former Vice President Al Gore says the people of New Jersey should re-elect Gov. Jon Corzine because of how hard he's worked for them. (Please stop working so hard, slow down, the people of New Jersey just can't endure much more of this happiness). If there is a Nobel Prize for stupidity, Gore should win hands down and add it to his other Nobel Prize and his Academy Award.

By the way, I moved to Rehoboth Beach, Del. I pay approximately $630 per year in property taxes, there is no sales tax, my auto insurance is about half of what I paid in New Jersey, I am five minutes to the beach and I don't have to purchase a beach tag to lay on the sand.

Rehoboth Beach, Del.

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