Wednesday, October 7, 2009

News from India...

Hanging out with "Uncle" John Deeney, SJ in the Jesuit kitchen in Lupungutu ;-)

Hi Tom!

Happy Birthday. I remembered you very much at my Mass today as you celebrate your 45th. I at 88 am no longer twice your age and I never will be again. Thanks for your letter after the Philly and Woodstock visits, and thanks for the flood of pictures which you sent. That was thoughtful of you to alert my niece Nancy that Jerry & S.Tony would be going to see the Director of the Prop. of Faith at the Archdiocesan office. Nancy was very happy to meet them there and to be in the photo with the 2 of them and MSGR McDonough.

Jerry C. will be back here in 2 or 3 days. I am anxious to meet him and get his report. I was happy that Johnny would go with you to Woodstock.

I am still hanging in there feeling my age a bit more as the months seem to fly pass. Greg D'Silva is still hoping that I can get some money to help him build the school (cum hall) at Pandabir. I have been running low on energy,but I still hope to get at least some help to him. As you know I was all ready to get out an appeal for him when the Orissa crises happened, and we shifted gears.

Greetings to your father, wife and sister. I hope that you are having a happy birthday and that God will throw in some special graces and blessings for the occasion.

Christ's Peace!

John. S.J.

So good to hear from you Father -- I believe I owe you a big e-mail. Thanks for saying Mass on my birthday... at least I'll always be younger than Fr. Tony who is two days older than I am ;-)Fr. Jerry has something for you when he gets back. I met Fr. Guidera's entire family down in Woodstock -- that's one funny crew!

My best to Greg, Martin, Bene, and all the rest.

Hilarius Kongari, SJ, Greg D'Silva, SJ with Fr. John at St. Xavier's.

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